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Checkout has just broken - you can view your order and get a shipping quote, but if you click Review Order you'll be taken to a nonexistent page. I have been meaning to do a full overhaul of this website for a while, and this is as good a reason as any to get on with it. The site may be down for a while when I do that.

In the meantime, I can send Paypal invoices if you email with what you wanted to buy, in what quantity, and your shipping address.


Welcome to

I'm a UK distributor for Farbglashütte Lauscha - beautiful glass rods for your lampworking needs!

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GBUKfair on Sat 19th Sept 2015

I will be at GBUKfair this Saturday with glass, murrini, gremlins and jellyfish.

Saturday 19th September from 10am
Long Sutton Barns, Lincolnshire, PE12 9AF -


Flame Off - 11-13 April 2014

I will be attending the UK Flame Off on April 11-12 and the bead fair afterwards on Sunday 13th.

As last year, I'll have beads, glass and murrini at one end of the GBUK stand. Hope to see you there! I've been stocking up on my gremlin beads to bring with me :)

Flame Off info. This year it is being held at Uttoxeter Racecourse (ST14 8BD), which is right next to Uttoxeter Station and off the M1. Open 10.00am - 5.00pm.

Happy new creative year to all!

I'm open again, and plan to be listing some of my murrini for sale over here as well as on Etsy this year.

For some quick eye candy, here's a necklace I made as a present just before Christmas - the beads are TAG fire lotus encased with Lauscha soft clear.


Colour testing: soft clear and silver glass, part 2

Part 2 of my testing: Lauscha soft clear SNT 101 and silver glass, part 2.

Mostly Double Helix this time, with a little TAG.


Colour testing: Lauscha soft clear and silver glass

I occasionally get asked about the compatibility of Lauscha SNT 101 soft clear with silver glass, so I decided to do some testing of my own.

See the full post here: Lauscha soft clear and silver glass.


New colour test spacers

Here are all the new colour test spacers (individual pics also added to each glass page).

13.08.06_BluesGreySpacers 13.08.06_TwigletBrownSpacers

Dark blue opaque, bright blue and smoke grey. Twiglet colours: copper beech, golden brown and ochre.

New colours and tubing!

I have some Lauscha tubing in clear and various colour stripes on clear: see the new Tubes section. Have a go at tube implosions, blow baubles or hollow beads!

There are two new transparents, bright blue and smoke grey, and dark blue opaque.

There are also the three Twiglet colours, in the Leaded section. All Lauscha's other colours are lead-free - these are three oddlots from some time ago in ochre, golden brown and copper beech. Lovely natural browns.

I'll be adding colour example spacers and testing in the next week.

New Lauscha reds now in stock!

SNT 219 and SNT 220-L reds are now in stock. The SNT 219 is a true transparent red, while the SNT 220-L is a warmer light translucent red.

Here's a quick look at the rods side-by-side.


Comparison of Lauscha reds

I've been comparing some different batches of Lauscha reds.


I have a post up on my blog, Colour testing: Lauscha SNT 219 red, 05/13 batch. I tend to put colour testing of samples that Lauscha send me up over there, and testing of colours I have in stock over here. In this post, the SNT 220 (old) is the red I currently have for sale. I will have some of the other reds in the future - I am waiting for some upcoming colours to be made by the factory before my next order gets shipped over.


The new SNT 219 is a true transparent red - the others all go translucent to greater or lesser degree. It's a lovely colour!

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