March closing

I am closed from Tues 28th Feb to Thurs 16th March inclusive. Orders placed during this time will be packed after the 16th.


Glass rods for your lampworking needs.
CZ0201 Czech white opalinoCZ0201 0810CZ0201 Czech white opalino£1.77
CZ1012 Czech brown 4-6mmCZ1012 0406CZ1012 Czech brown 4-6mm£1.77
CZ2007 Czech purpleCZ2007 0406CZ2007 Czech purple£1.77
CZ3008 Czech blue 4-6mmCZ3008 0406CZ3008 Czech blue 4-6mm£1.77
Milky way smokeS900 SMOKEMilky way smoke£5.10
S900 10 OtterS900 10S900 10 Otter£5.32
S900 3 LaurelS900 3S900 3 Laurel£5.32
S900 31 DoveS900 31S900 31 Dove£5.32
S900 3212 NutmegS900 3212S900 3212 Nutmeg£5.32
S900 53 IronwoodS900 53S900 53 Ironwood£5.32
S900 54 LazuliS900 54S900 54 Lazuli£5.32
S900 Black MetallicS900 BLACK METALLICS900 Black Metallic£7.14
S900 Copper Beech Twiglet odd 2-6mmS900 CBEECHS900 Copper Beech Twiglet odd 2-6mm£4.64
S900 Golden Brown Twiglet odd 2-6mmS900 GBROWNS900 Golden Brown Twiglet odd 2-6mm£4.64
S900 Ochre Twiglet odd 2-6mmS900 OCHRES900 Ochre Twiglet odd 2-6mm£4.64
SNO 310 Alabaster blue 4-8mmSNO 310 0 0408SNO 310 Alabaster blue 4-8mm£1.05
SNO 311 Two layer rose-opalino 2-6mmSNO 311 0 0206SNO 311 Two layer rose-opalino 2-6mm£1.25
SNO 316 Two layer blue-opalino 2-6mmSNO 316 0 0206SNO 316 Two layer blue-opalino 2-6mm£4.59
SNO 320 Blue opaque 4-6mmSNO 320 0 0406SNO 320 Blue opaque 4-6mm£4.16
SNO 320-ODD Blue-ReddishSNO 320 0 0406-ODDSNO 320-ODD Blue-Reddish£6.17