March closing

I am closed from Tues 28th Feb to Thurs 16th March inclusive. Orders placed during this time will be packed after the 16th.


Lauscha glass containing lead. (This is bound inside the glass and isn't a surface hazard, but all other Lauscha glass is lead-free so these get their own section. Most glass manufacturers that give information about what elements their glass contains have some leaded glass - see Bullseye, Reichenbach 96 etc. We have less information about 104 generally).
S900 Copper Beech Twiglet odd 2-6mmS900 CBEECHS900 Copper Beech Twiglet odd 2-6mm£4.64
S900 Golden Brown Twiglet odd 2-6mmS900 GBROWNS900 Golden Brown Twiglet odd 2-6mm£4.64
S900 Ochre Twiglet odd 2-6mmS900 OCHRES900 Ochre Twiglet odd 2-6mm£4.64