Lauscha glass containing lead. (This is bound inside the glass and isn't a surface hazard, but all other Lauscha glass is lead-free so these get their own section. Most glass manufacturers that give information about what elements their glass contains have some leaded glass - see Bullseye, Reichenbach 96 etc. We have less information about 104 generally).
S900 Copper Beech Twiglet odd 2-6mmS900 CBEECHS900 Copper Beech Twiglet odd 2-6mm£4.64
S900 Golden Brown Twiglet odd 2-6mmS900 GBROWNS900 Golden Brown Twiglet odd 2-6mm£4.64
S900 Ochre Twiglet odd 2-6mmS900 OCHRES900 Ochre Twiglet odd 2-6mm£4.64