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In the meantime, I can send Paypal invoices if you email with what you wanted to buy, in what quantity, and your shipping address.


Specials - includes limited edition, Milky Way, silver glass and layered glass rods. 33cm long unless stated otherwise.
Milky way smokeS900 SMOKEMilky way smoke£5.10
S900 10 OtterS900 10S900 10 Otter£5.32
S900 3 LaurelS900 3S900 3 Laurel£5.32
S900 31 DoveS900 31S900 31 Dove£5.32
S900 3212 NutmegS900 3212S900 3212 Nutmeg£5.32
S900 53 IronwoodS900 53S900 53 Ironwood£5.32
S900 54 LazuliS900 54S900 54 Lazuli£5.32
S900 Black MetallicS900 BLACK METALLICS900 Black Metallic£7.14
SNO 310 Alabaster blue 4-8mmSNO 310 0 0408SNO 310 Alabaster blue 4-8mm£1.05
SNO 311 Two layer rose-opalino 2-6mmSNO 311 0 0206SNO 311 Two layer rose-opalino 2-6mm£1.25
SNO 316 Two layer blue-opalino 2-6mmSNO 316 0 0206SNO 316 Two layer blue-opalino 2-6mm£4.59
SNO 320-ODD Blue-ReddishSNO 320 0 0406-ODDSNO 320-ODD Blue-Reddish£6.17
SNO 382 Vanilla Ice/White with silver 8-10mmSNO 382 0 0810SNO 382 Vanilla Ice/White with silver 8-10mm£4.06
SNO 605 Milky Way 6-8mmSNO 605 0 0608SNO 605 Milky Way 6-8mm£4.36
SNO 607 Milky way light green 6-8mmSNO 607 0 0608SNO 607 Milky way light green 6-8mm£4.55
SNO 609 Thüringen Salmon 6-8mmSNO 609 0 0608SNO 609 Thüringen Salmon 6-8mm£4.98
SNO 616 Chromium greenSNO 616 2 0208SNO 616 Chromium green£6.04
SNO 630 Caramello 6-8mmSNO 630 0 0608SNO 630 Caramello 6-8mm£4.97
SNO 637 Orchid milky way 6-8mmSNO 637 0 0608SNO 637 Orchid milky way 6-8mm£5.59
SNO 639 Faded rose milky way 4-6mmSNO 639 0 0406SNO 639 Faded rose milky way 4-6mm£5.16