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Lauscha soft clear and silver glass

I occasionally get asked about the compatibility of soft clear with silver glass, so I decided to do some testing of my own.


I'm mostly testing using TAG silver glass here, with a little Double Helix. I plan to do more. So far, only TAG Odd Light Tibet had a problem. (ETA: Deep Purple developed a crack later. All the rest fine).


TAG Tibet. This is an amber-purple type transparent glass - you can get it to stay more amber and purple than this if struck less.


Here are Tibet and Odd Light Tibet side-by-side. The light stays much more amber, and you can see from the cracks that it doesn't get on with the soft clear. The other side has one right along the mandrel, this side has three curved cracks.


TAG Dalai Lotus. I was surprised this came out such a dark purple! From what I read, this one can strike further and likes a lot of heat.


TAG Fire Lotus - got a little bit of the red you can get out of this glass at one end. This is opaque.


TAG Cezanne. Had no idea what this one would do, it is a reduction glass (though notes say it may strike a bit too?). Dark electric blue. From photos it looks like it is lighter when left on the surface. This is quite attention-grabbing as it is.


TAG Coral Lotus, batch 011811. This was an experimental and there were several different batches. The bead release broke when making the bead on the left and the glass touched the mandrel. I heard it breaking as I wrestled it off the mandrel! Few tiny cracks just where it touched - I made the second bead to verify that there were no compatibility problems and it is fine. I struck the second bead less before encasing and it has more pinks in it.


TAG Blue Realm. Another experimental - I love this colour and use it in my eye murrini. Encased here it is a light turquoise blue - used unencased it is a much darker streaky blue-green. This is a reduction glass.


TAG Deep Purple. Lives up to the name, it is a deep electric purple here! Another reduction glass, similar to Cezanne when used like this, but definitely purpler. This one developed a straight-along-the-mandrel crack some days after I took the photo. It was the only one that did that.


Double Helix Boreas, a lighter purple reduction glass. I made two because in the first one my bead release broke again, so I had a spinner without enough clear to fill out the ribbed shape.

I will note that all these went into the kiln glowing, and were garaged and annealed at 520°C.