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Lauscha soft clear and silver glass, part 2

Part 2 of my tests with Lauscha soft clear SNT 101 and silver glass. Part 1 is here.

These test beads are mostly Double Helix, along with the last two TAG glasses I have. I've split them up into yes, no, and maybe.



These ones have all worked.


TAG Golden Emerald. This is a pretty iridescent glass, with golds and greens.


TAG Taxco. A transparent turquoise reducing glass - it's fairly tricky to keep reduction under encasement with it. Some mother-of-pearl effects.


Double Helix Terra 2. A striking and reducing glass. I didn't deliberately strike this, leaving it as it went on the mandrel. It has earthy tan as well as some iridescent purple.


Double Helix Kalypso. Transparent-ish striker/reducer. Pretty light purpley-pinks here.


The very gorgeous Double Helix Clio. Like Kalypso, but more transparent and pinker.


Double Helix Notos. Reducing. This has come out a lovely ice blue iridescent.


Double Helix Ekho. An amber-purple reducer/striker. Good amount of pink in here. Ekho can go more opaque than this.


Double Helix Triton. Reducing blue. It was a bit harder to keep the reduction when encasing here, so the end effect is a fairly dark blue. It can be a lot lighter too.


Double Helix Psyche. Reducing purple. Harder again to keep the reduction - this side has some bright blue, but the rest of the bead has lost it entirely. Most of the newer Double Helix colours are easier in this respect as they don't lose the reduction so fast if they get hotter during encasing.



These have incompatibilities.


From the left:

TAG Zeus. The look is very similar to Golden Emerald, but it isn't compatible.

Double Helix Pandora (original Pandora). Very much no! Curving cracks. I was expecting this. I will be trying the incompatible ones with standard clear next - I've encased Pandora with that before. I do like the colours I got here - I encased when the base was still clear, making sure not to get it opaque at all. It has muted blues and purples. Pandora generally looks better unencased - it's easy to make it go a nasty green-beige when encased.

Double Helix Ossa. The crack is just at the end, on the side without any reduction. Ossa is an amethyst glass with white speckles in it, the reduction is purple. I think I'm going to retry this one, because the placement of the single crack and the fact it hasn't grown makes me think it's a bit marginal.



Double Helix Luna 2.1. Striking glass that gets less earthy colours than Terra 2 does. Now, I am definitely redoing this one, because the base got cold enough to crack when I was striking it and heating up my clear. I heated it through, but on coming out of the kiln I could see that the bead release inside had cracked through then, and the crack in the glass is next to that. In this case, I suspect it is because of heat being lost at a faster rate through the mandrel, so will be re-testing.


I went back and redid the Luna 2.1 and Ossa beads.


These two have been sitting there for just over a week before photographing, and no small cracks. I am still not entirely sure why the Ossa bead gained a crack in the first place, so you might want to be extra careful with ends and bead release etc on that combo, but I was expecting the Luna to be fine.