Info & Tips

Looking for more information about Lauscha glass? Want to find working tips? Have a look in these sections.
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Tips & Tricks

Techniques and colour combinations to try out, plus how to work those thick rods on Hot Head torches.

Label info

Want to know what the numbers and date on your glass refer to? They have meaning!

Annealing schedule

Lauscha glass has a slightly different annealing schedule - it prefers to be a tad hotter than most 104 CoE schedules. If you're having cracking problems, check this first.

External info

Handy links from elsewhere - includes other colour testers.

Note on weights

The weight of glass you receive can have an error of +/- 2g. In almost all cases you will receive more than this, but when ordering small quantities (100g) of thicker rods, the rods can weigh 49g apiece. I do my best to avoid this situation, but if it occurs I will make sure that you receive extra in one of your other colours.