Checkout is not working

Checkout has just broken - you can view your order and get a shipping quote, but if you click Review Order you'll be taken to a nonexistent page. I have been meaning to do a full overhaul of this website for a while, and this is as good a reason as any to get on with it. The site may be down for a while when I do that.

In the meantime, I can send Paypal invoices if you email with what you wanted to buy, in what quantity, and your shipping address.

Label info

I use the factory stock numbers on my labels. These are of the form SNT 020 4 0709.

First there is a three-letter code. The S is for Stäben, or rods. Standard lampwork cane then has an N, and the third letter indicates whether it is opaque (O), transparent (T) or layered (Überfang, Ü).

The 020 portion is the colour number. The 4 is the shade. This number can be 0 for unrated, or 1-5 for light to dark. The last four numbers indicate the rod diameter. 0709 is 7-9mm.

I also have a date on my labels. This is the date the glass was shipped to me. If I have the factory batch date, I include that also.