SNT 219 red transparent 6-8mm

Lauscha SNT 219 red transparent
Comparison of SNT 219 and SNT 220Sculptural rose made of Lauscha SNT 219 red transparentSNT 219 red encased in SNT 100 clear with black dots, then etched

6-8mm diameter rods of Lauscha SNT 219 transparent red. This is a truly transparent red. Batch: April 2013.

This red has beautiful depth and clarity.

It stayed transparent in my spacers, lentil bead and sculptural rose. It strikes easily - my spacers were a consistent colour after I struck them. The nature of the sculptural rose gives it an orange tint on its outer petals as they are both thinner and less struck - you can see the full colour in its centre. The ladybird beads are encased with SNT 100 clear and have black dots - shown before and after etching.

Average weight per rod: 30g

SKU: SNT 219 0 0608

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