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Checkout has just broken - you can view your order and get a shipping quote, but if you click Review Order you'll be taken to a nonexistent page. I have been meaning to do a full overhaul of this website for a while, and this is as good a reason as any to get on with it. The site may be down for a while when I do that.

In the meantime, I can send Paypal invoices if you email with what you wanted to buy, in what quantity, and your shipping address.

Christmas closing

My shops will be on holiday from midnight on Mon 17th Dec to Weds 2nd Jan. So if you want to treat yourself to any glass, beads, or murrini before January, order before midnight on Monday!

(By the way, if anyone is wanting murrini from my Etsy shop as well as glass, I can refund the Etsy shipping and send them together. Just let me know - put a note in with whichever order you make first so I know to wait for the second!)

Tutorial and at GBUK AGM


I have a tutorial in the upcoming October/Halloween issue of the Soda Lime Times. Released 15th Sept. Grinning Gremlins, suitable for Beads of Courage. The Soda Lime Times has also had a rather nice tutorial in the August edition featuring Lauscha olive - if you didn't see that, the back-issues are very reasonably priced!

Here are a few of my gremlins. I've been selling my eye murrini on Etsy (more to come).


I will be at the GBUK AGM on Sat 29th Sept with glass and gremlin eye murrini to sell. We're holding it at Enderby Civic Centre near Leicester. This is right next to Di East's studio, who will have demos and torch time available during the day. Details here.

As usual, I'll bring along orders - place them by 7pm the day before. I can't physically bring all my colours now, so if there's anything in particular you're after, let me know!

New oddlots, milky ways and little bit more

New colours are here and loaded! The oddlots are from a range that was used for glass eyes and are a lovely range of green/grey/brown/blue muted natural colours.

Here's a photo: the oddlots are on the cord, surrounding them for comparison are odd blue-reddish, dark teal, cocoa and olive.


Clockwise from top I have named them Laurel, Nutmeg, Otter, Dove, Ironwood and Lazuli.

Find them in the Special section!

We also have two more milky ways: smoke and light green. I'll add spacer photos for those soon.

I have cryolite white, blue opaque, SNT 100 clear is back in stock and there's more caramello.

I will be updating the Mega Sample Pack, as it is obviously out of date now!

Di East Open Day, 16th June

I'll be bringing Lauscha glass and my beads, toppers and earstuds along to Diana East's open day on Saturday 16th June.

Location: Studio 19, The Old Dairy
George Street
LE19 4NQ
Directions to Studio 19.

I'm attending a course with Astrid Riedel the three days before, so any orders placed after 11pm tonight will be dealt with when I get home.

Bead examples up for all new colours

All of the new colours have a photo of etched and unetched spacers, to give you an idea of how they look in a bead. Some collective photos below:

All the oranges


The new milky ways, 609, 639 and 641


I did a comparison shot of transparent blues, since I was asked about the difference between ice blue and Effetre 038 baby blue. Lots of difference!


The green string at the bottom has Effetre mid, light, pale and baby blues. The clear string at the top has Lauscha ice blue and aquamarine. Baby blue (aka very pale aqua) is a far more cyan colour, and ice blue is paler than all of them.

New glass!

I have a new delivery with lots of shiny new colours! I'm still cutting and bundling them all, but with a handy bank holiday this weekend I hope to get on top of it by then.

A quick preview: these are new formula transparent yellow (the old formula was greener), new yellow-orange, transparent orange and two shades of new brown-orange translucent.


I've stocked up on more cocoa, supernova and transparent peach, have thin rods of olive, and a selection of more pinky-caramel milky ways. I also have some more lovely transparents:


I do not have the smoke, but I did get the others, along with dark aquamarine too. The aquamarines are really nice to work with and don't scorch in the flame.

Flame Off 2012

I'll be away at the Flame Off in Towcester from Thursday 12th to Saturday 14th April: any orders placed during this time will be dealt with when I get back.

I won't be selling glass at the Flame Off, but I will be able to bring some orders with me for pickup. (Within reason - I'm coming by train!) Get them in before 10pm on Wednesday night and I'll bring them along.

I'll be manning the GBUK stand on Saturday from 12-2pm: come say hi and have a look at this year's entries for GBUK's bead and jewellery competition.

New colours are here!

I've had a delivery of some lovelies!

Two odd lots: Odd Grey Tint and Odd Blue-Reddish. The latter is something different: a purpler blue than periwinkle (there's a blues comparison pic on the product page).
Some Czech glass - the guys at the Hütte were clearing out a workshop they took over. Transparent deep blue, purple, brown and white opalino.

A leetle bit of the wondrous SNT 230 Copper Ruby. A transparent dark olive-grey that strikes to brick red!

I have also restocked the SNT 101 soft clear, so there's plenty for all!

Customer Gallery: call for entries

Show us what you've been making with your Lauscha!

I'm putting up a customer gallery here: send me your pictures and there'll be a space with each one for you to tell us about yourself and link back to the rest of your work.

What I will need:
- a photo or a link to a photo of the beads
- your name/business name
- any links you want to give (your website, etsy, flickr, blog)
- if you want, a mini biography. As long or short as you like.
- the name of the colour(s) used would be helpful.

Email them to me at

Thank you!

(If you send me more photos after I already have your details, you don't need to send them again unless you want to alter them).

Web update

In case you've had an error when trying to log in during the last two days, it's because my SSL certificate expired and needed renewing. All is working now!

(It shouldn't have taken that long to sort, but I was getting a very unhelpful error message during part of the process...)

In other news, I am about to have the Heather Kelly Glass half of this site up and running with beads available for sale! That and Etsy too, where I am also HeatherKellyGlass. I am running around taking extra photos of everything.

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