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Checkout has just broken - you can view your order and get a shipping quote, but if you click Review Order you'll be taken to a nonexistent page. I have been meaning to do a full overhaul of this website for a while, and this is as good a reason as any to get on with it. The site may be down for a while when I do that.

In the meantime, I can send Paypal invoices if you email with what you wanted to buy, in what quantity, and your shipping address.

GBUK AGM and Bead Fair

I have a table booked at the Glass Beadmakers UK AGM and Bead Fair on Saturday 24th September. I'll be bringing glass and also selling my beads, ring toppers, buttons and whatever else I get made between now and then for the first time!

Loyd Lindsay Rooms,
OX12 8PS

The AGM runs from 10am-12pm, and the Bead Fair is from 1pm-5pm. See the link to GBUK above for a list of all exhibitors.

I'm going to be bringing the colours to sell as single rods, I think, plus some 250g bundles of the clears. I have to carry it all, so that simplifies matters and means I don't need to bring single rods in addition to weighed bundles for everything.

I'll be able to bring orders for pick up, provided there aren't too many of them and they aren't too heavy! Choose the pick up option at check-out before Friday 23rd.

New colours are here!

Here's the full list:

SNO 501 0 0608 Turquoise opaque
SNO 602 0 0406 Dark teal opaque
SNO 480 0 0810 Black
SNO 420 0 0608 Pink opaque
SNO 310 0 0408 Alabaster blue
SNO 311 0 0206 Two layer rose-opalino
SNO 316 0 0206 Two layer blue-opalino
SNT 080 0 0608 Dark green transparent

I got a small amount of the black so we can see what it's like, and the alabaster and opalinos were end of batch leftovers, so I grabbed them because they looked interesting :)

Thin rods of dark teal are here for hothead users or anyone who's wary of the large rods, and I have pink for all! The dark green is a lovely extremely dark colour.

I'll be putting up spacers for each this weekend, hopefully, so you can see what they're like in a bead.

I'm about to be away from August 24th-27th, and the 29th is a bank holiday, so if you need anything immediately, get your orders in this weekend.

Thank you all and enjoy!

Edited to add a photo of etched and unetched spacers of everything barring black and dark teal:

You can tell the green is green and not black when you look at them, but it is very dark. See the page for green to see it as stringer over white.

Tuffnell Glass Summer Bash

I'm off up to Yorkshire from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th August for the Tuffnell Glass free summer bash, so any orders placed during this time will not be dealt with until Monday.

Hope to see many of you there! I won't be bringing glass - I have enough to carry what with the tent and sleeping bag :)

Diana East open studio

I'll be at Diana East's open studio day in Enderby (Leicester) on Sunday 31st July from 10:30am with a selection of glass for sale! There are instructions for getting there on Di's website. There are going to be demos, taster torch sessions available, and a number of stalls stocked with glassy and non-glassy goodies to buy.

My quantities of glass will be limited since I'm travelling by train and have to carry it all!

(I'll also be away from Friday as I'm doing a course there, so any orders placed after Wednesday night will not be posted until Monday).

Citrine colour testing

Citrine, a lovely amber that reacts with silver and has a warm honey glow when etched.

Cocoa colour testing

Mmmm, cocoa.

A gorgeous deep brown that is one of the colours I imported Lauscha glass for in the first place!

Milky Way colour testing

My colour test for milky way is now available.

Milky way is a translucent white that makes a good base for silver glass and has some useful properties for sculptural work.

Orchid colour testing

Results for orchid are now up!

Orchid's a reactive pink that turns caramel with silver.

Colour testing section now up and running

My colour tests will be showing up in Colour Testing, which you can find in the main menu.

I have a post about my philosophy of colour testing, and the first colour I've investigated is vanilla ice, which does some pretty interesting things if you treat it right.

Commenting's enabled for logged-in users on colour test posts (though comments will go through moderation before they show up) so if you have anything to add, please do so!

Colour information

I've been collecting links to other people who have done Lauscha colour testing in the past on my external info page. Have a peep if you want to see some reactions and working tips, and if you know of other handy information, drop me an email at or if you're logged in you can leave a comment here.

My own colour tests are to come :)

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